Die4LASER proudly presents the Die4DAC



ILDA output on 25 way D female connector.

X – up to 12bit

Y – up to 12bit




Blanking – TTL

Shutter – TTL


Ok, that’s pretty run of the mill stuff.  Now the interesting part – the DAC interface is reprogrammable over the parallel port.  You can emulate any other parallel port DAC.

See the interface examples page for more info.




The Die4DAC has a 25 way male D-type to go to a PC Parallel port an one end.

At the other end is an ILDA pinout 25 way female D-type.


The DAC in action feeding an oscilloscope in X Y mode.  (No blanking on oscilloscope)




The schematic.

This is copyright 2005 R M Bowden.

By viewing the schematic you agree to the following terms:

I provide the schematic as an aid for software developers and to allow experimenters to build ONE DAC of their own.  Any DAC built under this agreement may not be sold.

If you do not want to go to the trouble of designing the PCB and soldering all those fiddly SMDs you could always buy a finished DAC from one of my eBay auctions ;-)






The CPLD front end means that the DAC can interface to any laser show software.




The combination of a low noise DC-DC converter and a precision voltage reference mean exceptionally low noise and drift.  The ground referenced noise on each output is less than 0.25mV RMS over a bandwidth of 1Hz to 3MHz.